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Case Study: Ellajude

When small businesses are starting out – especially retailers – it’s very hard for them to balance the full spectrum of their businesses. From paperwork to production to the actual retail aspect of the brand, it’s a lot to handle.

When our friends at Ellajude approached us, they were killing it, but knew it was time for an upgrade to their site. They needed a better online shopping experience for their customers, both wholesale and retail. However, when we sat and talked with them, we began to discover that even though they had really begun to hit their stride, their audience wasn’t visually experiencing the true style, passion, and quality of the brand. Who and what they were wasn’t being conveyed to their audience. We all knew it was the right time for a complete rebrand.

Our goal was clear: help Ellajude clearly communicate who they are and what they have to offer – a family of four that creates with passion and purpose; hand-crafting beautiful, handmade, one-of-a-kind jewelry.

All visuals for the brand were inspired by the product itself. Each piece of jewelry is made by hand in their shop, using simple, repurposed metals. We concepted an identity that would reflect those qualities and keep the hand-made feel across all mediums. The logo system is simple and rustic – easy to stamp or burn into leather, metal, and wood. All collateral and packaging is made from kraft or pulp paper, and only printed with black ink. Hand-drawn illustrations were made for how to put on the bracelets without hurting them. With tons of product to shoot for the new e-commerce site, we helped them in creating a miniature, portable shooting space and setting standards for all future product photography. We also partnered with Allison Rodgers Photography to take photos of them creating the jewelry in their space as well as them as a family.

They strive to do their craft with Passion + Purpose, and their new identity now conveys that more tangibly. Check it all out in our portfolio.

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