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The Dream Team


I played on a few basketball teams throughout my middle & high school years and my early 20s. While not all of this experience was rewarding, I still learned a lot: how to be a team player, to be disciplined on & off the court, to stay calm when we’re down and fighting to catch the lead, to not get frustrated with myself when my game is off, to have tough skin (and self-restraint) when I’m getting yelled at or someone is trash talking...there’s probably more, but you get the gist. I watched countless games on television in attempts to learn more. I practiced day in & day out to get better. My brother would come over and run me to make sure I remained in good shape. And, I was...back then. Oh, to be 18 again! I digress. Anyway, I lived and breathed basketball.

There are tons of studies on how sports contribute to your work ethic. But, I can truly see how those lessons helped to shape me into the person that I am. I take pride in my work and always try my best to give 110%. I do have to credit my parents on that one, too. If they did anything right, it was modeling hard work in front of me and my siblings.

I’m one of those people that constantly makes lists and I check it twice (really more like 6x). And, I’m usually afraid that I’m going to forget or miss something. Don’t worry, if I do, I wake up in the middle of the night and remember it. I need order and organization. Otherwise, I’m a ball of stress.

While that’s not Jeff’s M.O., his strengths are in the other details. He cares about the things in your business that (to me) don’t even matter to get our job done. But, he wants to know. I’m amazed sometimes at the things that he even knows to ask. He just needs to have that knowledge of why and how you do what you do.

But in the end, we’re both people who get excited to bring your logo to life and we celebrate when your site launches. Sometimes because it took longer than expected, but nevertheless, it’s a celebration! We’re both creative and artistic in our own ways. We both are problem solvers. We care about our families deeply. We both skateboard and like Taylor Swift.

At Kitbash, it’s all about teamwork. Without it, emails just sit in inboxes and phone calls go unanswered. We depend on our clients to give feedback or approval to move forward. There’s a level of trust involved in knowing that our team is going to listen closely to your needs and deliver on time and effectively. We want to dream with you. Let’s Photoshop your face onto one of those bodies in the Olympic rings! It’s a collaboration. We can’t do it without our clients doing their part to bring it to completion.

This week marks my 5th anniversary at Kitbash. We’ve had our ups and downs, for sure, just as any relationship does. There are definitely days that the job drives me crazy. But, I’m getting to do what I love and with someone that really has had my back through my life’s hardest stages. And for that, I can only be grateful.

Cheers to 5 years!


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