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Crew Spotlight: Brian LeTendre

Hello, Kitbashers! Today, it’s my turn to tell you a bit about myself and how I became part of the Kitbash family. Here we go!

How I Got Here
I actually met Jeff Rodgers through a long-running pop culture podcast that I co-host and produce called Secret Identity. Jeff was an early listener of the show, and we struck up a friendship over our mutual love of comics and games.

As our friendship grew, Jeff and I decided to start a podcast in conjunction with the Little Blog of Big Ideas, or lbobi--a site dedicated to inspiring creatives. Lbobi Radio ran for 52 episodes, and was even relaunched as Kitbash Radio for a few episodes back in 2013. You can still listen to all of the podcasts at

Since the launch of Kitbash in 2013, I have done copywriting for many of the projects that Kitbash has taken on. The spirit of lbobi still lives on in everything that Kitbash does.

What I Do For Fun
I write- a lot. I currently write a webcomic (Mo Stache, and a series of horror novels (The Parted Veil Series, I’ve also written short stories, and I have a brand new series of horror novels that will be launching in September with a book called Harrowed (

I also podcast--a lot. Currently, I host and produce the Secret Identity ( pop culture podcast, a podcast about writing called See Brian Write (, and a gaming podcast called Co-Op Critics ( I also co-host a music podcast called Thrash it Out (

You can find out more about all my writing and podcasts at

When I’m not writing or podcasting, I’m usually playing video games with my son, or on adventures with the rest of the family.

What Inspires Me
Stories inspire me, particularly the ones that haven’t been told yet. At least once a day, I will experience something that I think could be the basis for an interesting story. I’m constantly taking pictures of things that spark story ideas and jotting down random thoughts in a notebook or on my phone. I have many more ideas for stories than I have the time to tell them.

Other Random, Interesting Facts
• I used to run a group home for troubled teens.
• I am a huge fan of ‘80s rock and heavy metal. The first concert I ever attended was AC/DC and White Lion back in 1988.
• I was elected king of my junior prom.
• I named my son Parker after Spider-Man’s alter ego, Peter Parker.

Show & Tell: My Horror Novels
As I mentioned above, I currently have a series of horror novels out in the wild called the Parted Veil series. Kitbash’s own Jeff Rodgers and Mike Jackson have provided cover designs for the the three books so far- take a look!