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Crew Spotlight: Jeff Rodgers

Howdy Kitbashers! This is the first in an intermittent series of posts where we get to know the crew at Kitbash a little better. I was elected to go first.

How I Got Here
I grew up in Memphis and got my BFA in Graphic Design from the University of Memphis. I worked for 7 years as an Art Director for local Ad Agencies, then started a portrait studio with my bride, Allison Rodgers. 2 years ago, I started Kitbash Brand Design, got busy and here we are today.

What I Do for Fun
I enjoy playing video games with my friends, reading comic books, riding my skateboard/bike with my girls, and reading sci-fi/fantasy novels. So basically, my interests stopped maturing when I was 13. Oh, and I like drawing, but more about that a few lines down.

What Inspires Me
I am inspired by well designed things. This can be anything from studying the nervous system to the cover of a book. I believe creative inspiration can come from any source. My go-to book for creative inspiration is the History of Graphic Design because you need to know the rules before you can break them.

Other Random, Interesting Facts
I am told by reliable sources that I saw Elvis in concert twice. I have been to New York Comic Con for the last 5 years. No, I don’t dress up. I just like taking photos. Here is an iPhone picture of mine that ran on the CNN home page about the convention.

What I Listen to While Working
If I am trying to write, I have to listen to classical music. It has to be something without lyrics. For designing, I like to listen to playlists on Spotify.

Show & Tell: Art Projects
Kitbash is by far my favorite ongoing project. It is pretty much all consuming. But, when I am not thinking about all things Kitbash, I love to draw on my iPad using Adobe Illustrator Draw. I actually have some of these hanging up in the studio. Here are a few samples.