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Crew Spotlight: Kay Campbell

My mom might be the only one who reads this, but just in case, HELLO to the rest of you! We went and saved the best for last, so enjoy getting to know me!

How I Got Here
When I was younger, I aspired to be a back-up dancer for Janet Jackson. Dreams don’t always come true, friends. Moving on...

Well, I was born and raised in the 901. Growing up, I enjoyed drawing and playing air drums with the pencils I was using. Eventually, I got a real set of drums and discovered that I actually was not good. Started playing basketball and then taught myself how to play guitar. So, art, music and sports have always been important to me and still are.

Over the years, I’ve worked mainly in administrative positions. In September of 2013, I was offered a J-O-B here at Kitbash and I came skipping. I love being in an environment where I can use my planning and organizational skills, but still be creative.

What I Do for Fun
• Play guitar & write songs
• Attend concerts/sporting events
• Spend time with my loved ones
• Travel to the beach
• Draw/take naps/dance/skateboard
• Watch Hallmark & Lifetime movies

What Inspires Me
• Hand lettering
• Typography
• A good lyric from a song
• The beach & the mountains
• My nieces & nephews

Other Random, Interesting Facts
• I really like socks
• I’m always cold. I run a space heater even in the summer. Jeff & I fight about it...almost daily.
• I hate seafood. A lot. Like to the point where I lie and say that I’m allergic, so that people leave me alone about it.
• I’m obsessed with old hardcover books and vinyl records.
• I like to spend a significant amount of time alone. Kay time is a must.

What I Listen to While Working
My musical taste is all over the place, so I just hit “Shuffle All” and let the groove take me where it takes me. Or, I will have my earbuds in and nothing is even playing.

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