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Crew Spotlight: Mike Jackson

Hey, y'all. Check me out in that shot up there, sportin' that killer throwback Memphis State sweatshirt – birthday party at Funplex. Who remembers Funplex?! Anyway, I guess it's my turn to introduce myself. So, here we go!

How I Got Here
I loved art and drawing as a child, but in middle school, it gave way for music – my first real passion.

I got my degree in Music Business and Audio Engineering. My first job out of school – between being on the road as a musician – was for two record labels, two publishing houses, and a world-famous recording complex, all under one roof. During that time, I kind of fell into working on album art, merch, and poster designs for our artists, as well as web design for our various sites, MOST of which was done on an ancient Dell PC with a prehistoric version of Photoshop. However, this sparked my passion for graphic design and made me work hard for what I was trying to accomplish.

One day, Jeff Rodgers – then just an acquaintance – gave me a call saying he was looking for a designer for his new agency he had recently started, and I saw the move as one I couldn’t pass up.

What I Do for Fun
• Hang out and go on trips with my family.
• I don’t go on the road much anymore because of said awesome family, but music is still a huge passion in my life.
• I really dig bikes, both road and trail riding.

What Inspires Me
• I’ve always enjoyed old things – furniture, houses, architecture, cars, photographs, design, stories from my family’s past.
• Any product or design that is well-thought-out and puts the user first.
• Interior design
• My wife and two boys
• My dad
• Music

Other Random, Interesting Facts
• I’m an only child, but my family fostered newborns my entire life, so there were always babies in our home.
• I’ve toured the country playing drums for a bunch of different folks.
• I have no formal design training and try to capitalize on the pros of that fact.
• I got really into photography in high school and eventually became our newspaper’s Photography Editor.
• I collect pins, buttons, and patches.

What I Listen to While Working
As a musician, it’s hard for me to listen to music I know and focus on anything else, no matter what I’m trying to do. So while I’m working, I try to listen to stuff I haven’t heard yet and that has some kind of ambient aspect to it. I mainly comb through Spotify to find weird playlists or listen to new records.

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