All the feels.

Our Favorite Things About Summer

With Summer upon us, we thought we’d ponder our favorite things about life in the summertime. Here you go!

• Cooking out: Friends ✔ Patio ✔ Cold beverages ✔ Cornhole ✔ Burgers, Hot dogs, Chicken, Veggies ✔✔✔✔. Does it get any better? The answer is no.
• Being tan: I’m just happier when I’m brown.
• Warm weather: I run a heater basically year round, so I love it. But, it also makes me a bit nostalgic when I think about what I did when I was little and it was warm - running through a sprinkler, tearing down a slip ‘n’ slide or going to Adventure River. Good times.

• Longer Days: It’s nice getting home from work before dark. Having those extra hours of light to get things done makes every day feel much more productive.
• Vacations: I like the beach. I don’t love the beach. But summer vacations are a blast...beach or not.
• The Food: Homemade ice cream. Watermelon. Hot dogs and Hamburgers. Funnel Cakes. Snowcones. Sweet tea. Mmmmm.

• Getting to the point where you embrace the sweat: Memphis gets really hot and really humid, but when you’re cooking out with your friends or out enjoying the city, you reach the point of no return and just embrace the discomfort. It’s just a part of living in the South and you come to enjoy it – kind of.
• Hanging out with friends more: There’s just something about Summer that makes you want to hang out more than other times of the year – maybe it’s the inner child in us that remembers what all the season entailed when we were in school.
• Patio weather: Everybody knows a killer Memphis restaurant patio in the summer is on point.

He’s at the beach, so he is probably doing his three favorite things right now.

- The Crew