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The Mobile Web & Why You Need To Embrace It

Here are a few facts designers and business owners have to come to grips with:
Mobile web usage has surpassed desktop web usage and is growing everyday. A large number of the world’s population (the young, the poor, and the developing world) is or will become mobile-dependent when it comes to accessing the web. Google is now prioritizing mobile-friendly sites in search results. Over half of users would rather be on the web from a mobile device than on a desktop or home!

So where does that leave your online presence, your brand – and ultimately – your bottom line?

Your brand must deliver a consistent experience across your entire online presence, especially when it comes to your actual site being viewed on different devices. And not just for reasons like not breaking brand standards or promoting brand recognition, I’m talking about for actual conversions. That’s the reason brand standards and recognition exist in the first place – to get more people onboard, whatever that looks like.

A consistent experience leads to more conversions – people actually buying, using, or telling others about your product or service. Why? Because the sales funnel (in this case, what leads to the conversion) doesn’t always exist on one device, but could be spread over two or three different devices before the “sale” (conversion) is made.

One of the ways you can deliver a consistent experience is to use responsive web design, which in the most general terms, is optimizing a site for all devices. The site responds to the specific device it is being displayed on. That is, a conversion isn’t any harder to get on mobile as it is on desktop.

So, is your brand prepared? Or will it be is it being left in the dust of the mobile revolution?

- Mike