All the feels.

Yo Mama's So...

We've all dealt with our fair share of name calling and bullying as children. It’s a fact of life, right up there with death and taxes. But nothing got our blood boiling more than some kid spewing “Yo Mama” jokes our way. Once that line was crossed, we were no longer responsible for our actions against the offender.

Certain lines should not be crossed and making fun of moms is one of those. That’s because the bond between mother and child is strong. Moms take care of us, feed us, nurture us, discipline us, laugh with us, cry with us, and sometimes they give us chocolate.

With that in mind, we’ve created some nice “Yo Mama” jokes. Save one of the photos below and post it to your preferred social media page. Just remember to tag yo mama in the post so she remembers what a sweet son/daughter you can be.

Happy Mother’s Day from all the big kids at Kitbash!

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